News / The last day of the Przemiany Festival!

The last day of the Przemiany Festival involves primarily a breakfast by the river and a block of lectures on the 3D printing process in fashion.

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Discovery Park, a great picnic on the grass will take pace – Breakfast by the river. It will be possible not only to eat well, but also to get to know interesting facts related to the production of food and buy local products. Among the exhibitors: Made by Porzeczka, Qmam kaszę, Get Green, Yuka, Meat Love, Made with Love, Lodove, Nczekolada, Wootwórnia, Om nom nom / Cuda na patyku, Tłocznia Soków Paweł Dobrosz, Soul Food Bud, Solec 44, Sucre – Paryskie Makaroniki, sto900. Workshops are conducted by committed social activists from Warsaw. Jodie Baltazar talks about urban compost bins, she also checks how much organic debris will be accumulated during the picnic. Nina Bąk of the Dobrze Cooperative introduces us to the secrets of agriculture supported socially and introduces the idea of co-operatives. There are also workshops concerning balcony farming – along with Marta Wajda, you can plant herbs and take them home. Apart from that folding chairs, rental of games, books and newspapers.

From 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. we invite you to the Auditorium for hour-long lectures presenting varied examples of applications of 3D printing in fashion: from experimental and sometimes eccentric implementation, to the practical and ergonomic solutions using this technology of printing. From dresses, corsets and jewelry, to evening and sports footwear.

Lecture 1: Eryk Wąsek i Hubert Gleba / e-Prototypy / Presonalise
Lecture 2: Elvira Perfetto / AmniosyA Studio
BREAK (15 min)
Lecture 3: Elizabeth E. Fraguada / Jorge&Esther
Lecture 4: Earl Stewart / XYZ Shoes
BREAK (15 min)
Lecture 5: Peter Hill / Fashion Digital Studio
Lecture 6: Alek Tarkowski / Creative Commons
Alek Tarkowski – copyright in design, Centrum Cyfrowe: Projekt Polska
The fashion panel (45 min)
The expert panel will be attended by: Ina Lekiewicz (Elle Polska / head of fashion department), Zuza Krajewska (LAF Artists / photographer) and Bartek Michalec (Zuo Corp / designer).

From 9 p.m., in front of the entrance to the Conference Center, Konstelakcja awaits you – an interactive audiovisual installation, the shape of which you can co-create.

On the panoramic terrace of the Copernicus Science Centre at 9 p.m. begins the last concert of the Festival within the framework of the Distorted Club – this time MNSL will play for us.

Apart from that from 12p.m. to 12 a.m. in the conference rooms of the Conference Center of the Copernicus Science Centre three exhibitions await you: Heroes 3.0, OperaLab and Power to the People.

The admission is free to all the festival events. Enjoy!